Reaching Millenials with Your Business’ Focus! How do You stack up?

Great article by Freshbooks, the company I have used for my invoicing and basic bookkeeping needs since 2010.

How does FACT Computer Services stack up against the proposed challenge list presented in the above article?  Let’s take a look:

Marketing to Millennials: #1 Embrace Multiculturalism
FCS is open to all who have need of my services, regardless of ethnicity, location, or belief.  All I need from them is the ability to communicate well in English

Marketing to Millennials: #2 Be Digital
FCS is all about fixing, repairing and using the digital world.

FCS now allows users to purchase time, send in a support ticket, and book an appt to have that ticket serviced, without my help anywhere along the way.  In the future, FAQ’s will answer the most common questions.

FCS has a facebook page, is represented alongside my author status on LinkedIn, has a board on Pinterest, and gets mentioned on my twitter acct from time to time

Marketing to Millennials: #3 Offer an Experience
Good tech support is ideally, a positive experience taking the user from a place of frustration, fear or despair to a place of success, wholeness and hope.

Marketing to Millennials: #4 Understand Them
FCS seeks to meet their computing needs on desktops, laptops, and windows-based tablet PC’s.

Marketing to Millennials: #5 Show You Care
FCS aims to show those that other businesses overlook, that their computer-related issues matter and deserve to be dealt with equally as much as those who can afford to pay the bigger bucks.

Marketing to Millennials: #6 Make it Dead Easy To Do Business With You
Doing business with FCS is now a three step process that ensures services are paid for and services are delivered in a timely manner.  In less than 15 minutes a millenial can have time on their account, have their issue in hand with a support tech and have a request in for the date and time that works best for them.

This is a good challenge list going forward, because this generation of users, business owners, parents, and leaders need my services, and if you too run a business, they need yours.  See how well your business stacks up against this list.  Take the challenge!

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