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Win10 Upgrade Now an Auto-checked “Optional Update”!

It’s that time of the month again, when Microsoft releases “Patch Tuesday”.  Anyone who had followed my directions over the past two months regarding how to handle Windows Updates until the end of July, were generally safe if they were running Win7.  I’d just done a set of Win7 updates for a client this week, on Patch Tuesday itself, and they were fine.  Because updates get rolled out over the course of the week, another client’s phone call that came in today, offered a very unwelcome sight!

They are running Win8.1 and had already downgraded from Win10 once before.  They had followed my directions in my newsletter and the various articles I’d written, so their system was set to only download and install what they chose, and delivery of recommended updates as unchecked.  They dutifully began their manual Winupdate routine, only to find Windows 10 upgrading their system!  They shut everything down and called me!

I remoted into their computer to check the settings, then to check the available updates.  It was upon clicking the “Optional Updates” link, that I saw the following screenshot!

FCS - win10 upgrade autocheckedI’m not sure how many others are going to encounter this, but if you are running Win8.x, please click on “View available Updates” underneath the central notice that updates are present and ready to download and install.  Inside the list of updates, click the “Optional Updates” link to the left of the list, and look for the Win10 Upgrade item.  IF it is checked, uncheck it, then click install in the bottom right of the screen.

FCS - win10 upgradeFailure to check for this box may STILL result in Win10 trying to upgrade your system.  However, it must be noted that even after unchecking this box, after all updates are done and you check again, the offer to upgrade to Win10 will continue to greet you.  Check for this box again each time you do your updates as we approach July 2016.

Of course these instructions are moot for anyone wanting to get Windows 10.  But for those who are quite happy with Win7 and Win8.1, these underhanded tactics by Microsoft are not welcome!  Be vigilant if you wish to stay with the older OS’s!

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