Welcome to FACT Computer Services Company

Have you been looking for affordable, accessible support for your computer, networking, training, and general I.T. needs? If so, you may want to stop and take a look around!

FCS aims to be affordable to the small business, the Ma and Pa shop, the home-based entrepreneur, the private school, the non-profit organization, and your family.

The wonders of technology mean that you no longer have to be concerned about how your computer needs will be serviced overseas or away from larger centres.

While FCS can service the Kelowna, BC, Canada region in person, if you are out of town or around the world, FCS can still assist you. Simply click the GET HELP button, and you can be receiving remote tech support within 5 minutes of starting your call.

FCS offers a variety of services from data recovery to how to turn on your computer, from malware removal to setting your wireless connection, website maintenance and more.

Be sure to click the SERVICES tile to find out about all the services FCS has to offer!

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