FCS-digital classroom

Humerous Look at Common Do’s and Don’ts of the computer world.

FCS-digital classroomDo press the power/on button to turn your computer on.

DO NOT press the power/on button to turn your computer off unless directed by a technician. If you are your own technician, then only do so in cases of extreme lock up that you can’t get free of no how!

Do use the mouse to move the pointer on your screen.

DO NOT either a) Place the mouse on your screen to attempt moving the pointer, or b) Use your finger to touch the screen in an attempt to move your mouse pointer. . . Unless of course you have a touch screen, then many times the finger on the screen is actually easier.

Do place a surge protector on the wall outlet you wish to plug your equipment into.

DO NOT place two surge protectors with four power bars attached to each one on the same wall socket unless you enjoy flipping breakers in your breaker box or causing electrical fires. Highly unrecommended!!!

Do replace the ink in your printer whenever it is low as opposed to empty, so as not to wreck the printhead.

DO NOT replace the ink with refilled cartridges unless you enjoy taking risks. The biggest risk being that of gumming up your printhead, voiding your warranty, and having to buy a new printer because the enlarged hole of the ink cartridge caused too much ink to leave the nozzle and spread all over your printhead’s contact surfaces.

Do print documents to PDF using various free PDF printers that are out there. Saves trees.

DO NOT attempt to sign PDF’s with your pen on the screen! In this case you really do need to print the document to paper so that you can sign with your pen on the page instead.

Do engage in safe computing practices on your device and online.

DO NOT attempt to use physical bricks, iron grating, or barbed wire to protect against malware, hackers or cybercriminals.

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