The Transformation of tech support at FCS from 2001 to 2013!

redlogoonblacktileIt all began back in 2001 as a financial advisor set me on the path to running my own tech support business.  That first year was rocky and it would be well into the second year by the time I hooked up with  For six years I serviced international clients while taking on an accountant and several web accounts in the Kelowna area.  In 2008 I left Yourtechonline and continued with several major clients until 2010 came along.  That was when my largest client passed away of pancreatic cancer.  I began working as an employee of Okanac Business Services Ltd, while still managing other clients, but by January of 2011, it became clear that I had to do something more to survive.

Techs aren’t necessarily the greatest at advertising their services or selling their expertise.  We just do what we do and give it the best of our abilities.  If that creates word of mouth, awesome!  So  to make ends meet, I found myself working “full-time” for Okanac Business Machines Ltd, while still tending to the few clients who were still around.

Enter 2013. . . Due to economic viability, OBM had to lay me off.  It was a good three year run over all, but times continue to change and not always for the better.

I’ve spent the last couple nights giving serious thought to returning to the world of online remote tech support.  Over the past couple years I’ve become aware of various services making it more affordable for a tech to break into that space.  I am pleased to announce, through the use of three different tools from billing and case management to remote text/voice chat sessions to remotely accessing a person’s computer; that this trio gives me the ability once again to reach around the world!

This offer is not merely for tech support, but also for remote training sessions either one on one, or in group situations of various kinds.  This tiny remote assistance executable gives me the ability let you and your group view my screen without being able to interact with it, as I show you how to do something.  Add voice chat to that, and I will be able to explain verbally as well as show you on the screen.

The only tech support not covered by remote assistance, is hardware troubleshooting.  It is possible to identify hardware-related issues during a tech support session, but it is not possible for me to replace the affected component in a remote manner.

As FCS is operated solely by myself, available hours are in the Pacific Time Zone Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4pm.  This lets me service your technical issues while also being a Mom and a volunteer.

You will find the remote tech support link on a new tab here on the fan page, as well as on the right hand side of the company website at

So if you need assistance during my available hours, let me know.  Pass this note on to those you know who could use remote tech support and/or training.

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