About FCS

FCS - Marilynn DawsonFACT Computer Services Co. is owned and operated by Marilynn Dawson.

Marilynn has been an A+ Certified computer technician for 17 years now. Prior to getting her training at Trend College, Kelowna, BC, she was trouble shooting computer-related issues for herself and others. Her time at Trend saw her formalize her knowledge, and extend it into areas of networking and introductory programming.

Marilynn began her career as a certified computer technician in the office of Harley Lockhart, of H.C.Lockhart Insurance & Financial Consulting Inc.

6 months into working for Harley, the idea for starting her own business was born. An open ear and attention to events and conversations around her, led Marilynn to realize that a market existed for her services.

In July of 2001, FACT Computer Services Co. was born.

Marilynn’s goals for FACT Computer Services have changed somewhat. The shifting IT environment of Kelowna, BC has meant refocusing on ways that FACT Computer Services can remain viable. FACT has expanded its services line-up from simple computer repair and maintenance, to website maintenance, Search Engine Optimization, Training, Data Recovery and Media Conversion.

FACT Computer Services has developed a number of pleased clients, and has room for more.

What does FACT stand for and why?

The acronym FACT is Financial Advisor’s Computer Technician. This stems from the industry FACT grew out of, and denotes the industry FACT marketed most heavily in the beginning. FACT also services other professions such as accountants, doctors, and homemakers. If you need FACT’s services, pick up the phone to call 212-9967, or sending an email to computertech@fa-ct.com. FACT is not limited to one professional niche.


As of Winter 2018, FCS now offers the Rewardical Loyalty ProgramRewardical Loyalty Program!  Click here for all the details and to sign up to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind customer reward.




In May of 2017, FCS moved to the Time Block purchase method and integrated the ability to pay via Bitcoin.