FCS on the Kelowna Coin Map

FCS Joins Ranks of Businesses in Kelowna Accepting Bitcoin

As of May 2017, FCS is pleased to announce that we are now one of 10 businesses in the Kelowna/West Kelowna region accepting Bitcoin for services rendered.  Check out this screenshot above:

To visit an interactive version of this map, go to:  http://coinmap.org/#/map/49.88060425/-119.46161655/12

One of the 10 businesses even boasts a BTC ATM machine on site!  Such ATMs allow the BTC owner to withdraw funds in their native currency.  This is just one way companies are bringing bitcoin to the real world.

Imagine for a moment – you are coming into Kelowna because your beloved pet needs treatment.  You need somewhere to stay, you need a vet, and it’s your partner’s birthday so a bottle of wine would be nice while you’re at it.  You forgot to print your home-made card before you left, so now you need a printer to do it for you because you had to drop off your laptop at FACT Computer Services on your way into town to get the network card’s drivers working again.  You take your partner down Lakeshore Drive so they can get a nice haircut while the pet is at the vet’s.  As you pick up your laptop heading back out of town, you suddenly make a very pleasant realization!  You just had an enjoyable weekend in Kelowna, spending ONLY your BITCOIN!

Amazing, huh?

Did you know these businesses allowed you to pay using a digital currency?  FCS is now bantering around doing a feature on each of these businesses.  Stay tuned!  You never know what might come down the pipe now!


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