Laptop Security on the go

He’s watching you. He’s tracking you! No he didn’t put anything on your laptop to enable tracking, although if you’d added him to your friends list on Facebook he might have convinced you to install such a tool. No, he has other tools up his sleeve and he’s tracked you to your favourite coffee shop.

Dang! Foiled! You carried your laptop to the counter to pick up your order! But all is not lost. Not yet at least. Now he’s tracked you to the grocery store, but this time you’re not so smart. Surely no one will find your laptop in the hidden compartment of your trunk now will they?

I’m sorry to inform you that while you were in the store shopping, your car was broken into and your laptop stolen. You see, this tracking was possible due to having left your laptop’s wifi antennae on the whole time you were out and about!

Ok so maybe you didn’t know you can turn that off and on. . . Find your manufacturer’s instructions for turning off your wireless transmitter when you’re on the road for next time k?

What are you doing? Well well well. . . You signed up for one of those services that let you learn the whereabouts of your own devices! Very cool! Your choices are typically to lock down the laptop, wipe out its data, or initiate a report the police can use to retrieve your stolen laptop for you! Well done!

Did the service also back up all your files? It did? *high five!

You’re good to go. Here’s hoping that action report will get your laptop back in one piece.

You can find some of these services by googling, or searching for information on securing your laptop and its contents in the cloud.

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