FCS - Computer Lab in Rwanda

From horses to aircraft, a computertech’s life is a definite adventure!

FCS - Computer Lab in RwandaFACT Computer Services Co got its start back in 2001, as a financial advisor in town by name of Harley Lockhart encouraged me to strike out on my own, initially servicing the financial industry in town with their computer maintenance needs. Since then, FACT has gone on to service a wide range of clientelle in the Kelowna area. Looking back over these years, the list includes the following:

Used brewery equipment salesmen
Financial advisors
Interior Designers/decorators
Medical Transcriptionists
Doctor’s office
Aircraft salesman
Church offices
Equine stables

Some of these have been webclients as I either built and/or maintained websites for them. Others have been technical support clients as I repaired, maintained, cleaned, rescued, replaced, etc computers and computer-related parephenalia.

Summer of 2008 saw me travel half-way around the world to train school teachers in the basics of using computers. That was not done with my business name on it. I just mention it because it was so awesome to be using these skills to benefit others in another country, in person!

The above list doesn’t include home-based visits to computer users who simply needed their system up and running for kids doing homework or for their own personal use.

Computers are making their way into practically every industry and sector of life you can imagine! It’s an adventure discovering how IT can be used to benefit each area of life I encounter.

A real adventure!

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