FACT Computer Services Co.

Welcome to the FCS Newsletter, Spring Edition 2018

Welcome to Spring in the Okanagan!

I think!
March snowfalls seem to be trickling into April in higher elevations around the area. Did everyone have a good Easter weekend? The Okanagan sun was actually out for part of those three days, eh? I see flowers trying to grow now as well.

"Spring Growth"

Speaking of growing, FCS has been trying to reposition for growth as well. As most of you know, the company lost it's business cell # back in the summer and a new, hopefully temporary solution was found near Christmas time. There is a text-only number now on the website that "can" take calls if I am at my computer to send/receive them. No special app is necessary to use this number by anyone else, so the usage dances are all on my end. BUT, the number is available. Several clients left FCS when they thought they couldn't phone anymore, so if you happen to know one of them, tell them to visit the website again.

Stop in and Say Hi!

I would encourage everyone to visit the website now, for several reasons:

1) You can purchase time blocks to always have techsupport available whether you have the funds at the moment you need it or not. Just purchase your desired number of blocks ahead of time and those will be billed against whenever invoices are sent out to you. See past newsletters for instructions on adding a password to your existing account. The email address you receive my invoices at is the username on your account already. It just needs a password and you're good to go. (Purchases can now be paid for using bitcoin if you know anyone wanting to do their online purchases in this fashion)

2) You can now use the on-site ticket system to keep all your issue-related emails in one place without fear of accidentally deleting anything you may want to revisit. Start a ticket using the time block ID and order #, and you'll automatically be moved to a screen upon completion of the ticket where you can request a day and time for me to deal with your requested servicing. I've tested the workflow and this system works great!

3) The FCS referral program has grown up a bit! FCS now has a loyalty program called "Rewardicals" where you will earn reward tokens for every dollar you spend on time blocks at the FCS website. Rewardicals can be redeemed for online shopping gift certificates, redeemed to donate to your favourite global charity, purchase BTC if you are wanting to delve into that space, buy silver, and more on the way.

4) Get the new "temporary" phone number for FCS

5) Read past newsletters

6) Read blog entries written by FCS.

7) Visit other recommended small-shop businesses online where you can purchase computer-related accessories and earn Rewardicals from them as well.

So as you can see, the FCS website has quite a bit to offer now. I would encourage everyone to start taking advantage of it. One small note: If you encounter an "internal error", that is a hosting glitch in the system. Refresh your page after a couple moments and carry on. The site will load. The hosting antivirus thinks a legitimate wordpress file is a virus for some reason, so the false positive occasionally causes brief fatal errors.

Who You Gonna Call!?! FCS!

I wish to thank those who have been making use of the FCS referal system in the past. FCS is looking to pick up more clients this month with some major bills due next month, including the business hosting itself. So I would encourage you to visit the site to read up on the Rewardical system, sign up for it, then tell your friends to sign up using your promo code and to tell me you sent them when they purchase time on the site. In this way, not only will you get 15 min free techsupport after their purchase, you will get reward tokens as well.

In closing, happy belated Easter, and have a great Spring. If I don't hear from you before then, I will send out another newsletter in the summer.
Thank you for choosing FCS for your techsupport needs.

Marilynn Dawson