FACT Computer Services Co.

Welcome to the FCS Newsletter, Summer Edition 2017

Welcome to Fall in the Okanagan!

With all the wind storms we've had lately, I was desparing of our beautiful colours disappearing too quickly. Thankfully, many trees still sport their amazing reds, oranges, golds and yellows. Being able to see those colours clearly and not through smoke is another point of thanksgiving.
FCS has had a slightly better fall than the past summer thankfully. The addition of more work has meant a few more bills being paid, particularly during the month of October. Research is going into ways that voice support can be resumed in the absence of the company phone number, which was disconnected back in August. To my horror, most of you did not get the Summer newsletter alerting you that the number would be going inactive and now it appears I may have lost at least 3 clients as a result. We'll see. These newsletters are VERY important, particulary as they only go out 4 times a year on average. So PLEASE, when you see this arrive in your inbox, make sure to read it. I never include fluff, so you don't need to worry about wasting your time reading an FCS newsletter.

"Bad Rabbit!"

As I write this tonight, October 25th, a new ransomware threat is running around the globe and hit US networks today. A handy little vaccination bat file has been made available that I strongly urge all windows users to apply to each of their windows-based machines. While as usual, this ransomware is being targeted at enterprises, home users do occasionally find themselves getting caught in the fray. As a result, you can find my tongue-in-cheek-named bat file here: http://www.fa-ct.com/docs/bunnyvaccine.bat

To use this file, save it to your desktop. Right-click and choose "run as administrator". If you want to verify that it worked, as it goes by very quickly, visit c:\windows and you'll see two freshly-created files.

In addition, ensure your antivirus is up to date, as most of the popular antivirus programs can catch "Bad Rabbit" as well.

Who You Gonna Call!?! FCS!

As I prepare to wrap up this Fall's quarterly newsletter, I just want to remind everyone that I am still available for techsupport. If you'd like me running this bat file for you, just let me know. You have three ways to ask for techsupport while the phone is out of commission:

1) Email, simply respond to this newsletter to request assistance.
2) The ticket system now available on the website http://www.fa-ct.com Using this system, you will have all correspondence in one place for each ticket you begin, with the peace of mind knowing you won't accidentally delete something important. Simply log into the site using the email you received this newsletter with, click "forgot password" to add a password to your existing account, then start a new ticket.
3) If you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you can contact me there as well to ask for help. On Facebook, look up FACT Computer Services. On LinkedIn or Twitter, you'll find me by name.

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving earlier this month. Stay safe out there as we head toward Christmas.
Thank you for choosing FCS for your techsupport needs.

Marilynn Dawson