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Big News for FCS and Triple Clicks! Loyalty Program!

“The times they are a changin'”. . . I don’t remember who said that now, but no truer words were spoken for the times in which we live. Those that follow the FCS blog will remember when we announced our new ability to offer various hardware options via affiliation with Tripleclicks. I know many people have been checking out the various items I’ve added to the hardware category over the last few months.

Now it’s time for a major update!

FCS briefly had a presence on Tripleclicks as well, something I had not yet made public due to the system suddenly going into lockdown mode following another major announcement at Strong Futures International (SFI). That announcement was the revealing of SFI’s very own loyalty rewards system, known as Rewardical. Rewardicals were created to reward shoppers for shopping at Tripleclicks. As of this time, Rewardicals can currently be redeemed for Bitcoin, used as a donation currency to the various charities that Tripleclicks supports, or traded in for other options if a shopper is interested in building a business with SFI as their foundation. Other redemption options will be coming along in time, but I found it quite pleasing that one’s stash of Rewardicals could be traded in for Bitcoin. After all, FCS began accepting BTC as a valid form of payment May 2017.

That news was big enough all by itself, but even better news is that  FCS now has a loyalty program!

To take advantage of the loyalty program you will need to register at Rewardical.com. Once registered, you will be able to log into your account at Rewardical.com to claim your rewardicals and redeem them for cool stuff! One of those items is Bitcoin! Imagine earning Bitcoin just for obtaining techsupport! See these two screenshots for where to find your claim button and see the basic form you will fill out.

How to claim your tokens How to claim your tokens

Do note: The only order number that FCS will approve for your Rewardical token claim, is from the purchase of Time Blocks. Invoice numbers won’t be accepted. Time block purchase order numbers will be accepted. This order number is also needed for filling out techsupport tickets onsite as well. See the instructions for use in the time block PDF sent to you via download link after making your purchase.

This is in addition to the ongoing offer of 15min free for every paying referral you send my way. That offer has not been rescinded and I have a couple clients who have made use of it, more than once.

FCS Referral Loyalty Card

So now you can not only get 15 min free referring new clients to FCS, BUT. . . if you are a Rewardical member prior to your referral paying their invoice, you will ALSO earn a Rewardical for every $10 your referral spends on FCS services!

Here’s how you do it. . .

1) Click this URL to sign up for your own Rewardical account.

2) After confirming your account, log in and go to the bottom of the page. Click on “Refer a friend”.

3) Grab your own Promo link to give to your friend that you are referring to FCS. Remember that the FCS promo card fits on business card-sized paper. So you can print out a sheet and write your promo link on the back while crossing mine out on the front. If you fail to cross out my link, there is a high chance they will become my Rewardical referral, and I earn the Rewardical each time they spend $10 at FCS. So to make sure YOU get that kickback instead, don’t forget to write YOUR code on the back.

Rewardicals Search bar

You can email the Rewardical sign-up link and your Promo Code along with the FCS website URL (https://www.fa-ct.com/) to people in your email list as well, or share on social media as you wish. You’ll notice a search bar on the Rewardical site that will eventually populate with many former ECA stores along with new Rewardical-offering businesses as well. So you and your referrals won’t be stuck only ever getting rewards from FCS. As this system grows, all kinds of opportunities to both earn and redeem Rewardicals will present themselves.

So yes, the big news is that FCS now has a loyalty program offered via Rewardicals. Start building your stash, and eventually you’ll be able to redeem for Bitcoin as well as other cool stuff!

We look forward to what 2018 has to offer! It may be that the sidebar hardware offering will change, or possibly even disappear, but one step at a time. . . 2018 could be a very rewarding year! No pun intended!

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