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Bitcoin in the Central Okanagan region has been slow to hit the mainstream. Reasons vary widely, but visibility of those who accept BTC as a valid form of payment remains quite low. Here in Kelowna, over 13 companies accept Bitcoin as payment, and some even offer to exchange your cash for Bitcoin using a “vending machine” of sorts at their till. lists a number of these places, as does It is honestly eye-opening to see the number of businesses between these two sites. I have endeavored to reach out to some of these by email with questionnaires for a series of articles I wanted to begin writing this past summer. Sadly, only one that I reached out to got back to me with their questionnaire answers. In light of the meteoric rise in BTC exchange value, I felt it was time to feature this particular local business.

Pawsitive Veterinary CarePawsitive Veterinary Care

Pawsitive Veterinary Care has been in business in Kelowna for over 27 years now. The holistic approach to veterinary care sets them apart from almost all other vets in the Central Okanagan. A large part of their business focus is educating the pet parent about holistic care. When asked their perspective on doing business here in the Okanagan, they replied that life is busy! Their clients are awesome!

Pawsitive Veterinary Care began accepting Bitcoin as a valid method of payment back in 2015. The fact that BTC is an alternative currency that can’t currently be regulated and that requires effort and energy to produce was attractive. Initially, accepting payment was done via a method known as CoinKite, but they eventually switched over to airbitz for greater reliability when initiating a transaction.

All products and services at Pawsitive Veterinary Care can be paid for via BTC. While some businesses around North America feel some products or services are better serviced via fiat money, Pawsitive Veterinary Care felt no need to make that distinction. Just come on in with your wallet ID in hand, and any service you need can be purchased via BTC digital currency.

The one bit of advice that Pawsitive Veterinary Care has for anyone wanting to start accepting BTC at their business, is simply to get word out that the ability exists. Various methods are available to the business owner from Airbitz and Coinkite, to Bitpay, Gourl and others.

It was a pleasure to learn more about Pawsitive Veterinary Care. If you have a pet, by all means check them out and tell them Marilynn from FACT Computer Services sent you!

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