FCS now offers Tripleclicks

FCS Now Offering Computer-related Accessories, Cables, Peripherals, Etc.

Just a quick note to say that FACT Computer Services has teamed up with Tripleclicks.com to bring you various pieces of computer-related hardware, peripherals, cables etc, from around the world.

Why haven’t we done this with Amazon yet? A) We initially didn’t think to, but B) when the thought finally hit us, Amazon had just removed the use of their astore as they called it. This means a little review of newer features will have to take place, and we’ll see, maybe in the future you’ll see lists from both online outlets.

One of the things that sets Tripleclicks apart from Amazon, is how easy it is to find sellers in your country and region. Both stores allow you to purchase goods from anyone anywhere, but sometimes smaller is better and in this case, easier to navigate. Various vendors also offer free shipping on their products as well, so don’t worry about not using Prime. If shipping is just plain FREE, then there’s nothing lost in the switch.

So check out the partial list in the sidebar here. In fact, check this list first and search for other items before heading down to your local Radio Shack! You just might save gas as well!

One last note about this pairing between FCS and Tripleclicks: Tripleclicks also accepts BTC! So if you are looking for practical ways to use this up and coming digital currency, check out Tripleclicks.com. They sell far more than just computer-related accessories and peripherals. Your BTC can also buy you nutritional supplements, tea, coffee, flour, soap, shaving cream, shoes, clothing, garden tools, books, etc.

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