Mobile Safety and Security On and Offline – Introduction

So we’ve spent the past three months talking about safety and security from the vantage point of someone sitting behind a desk,active online via their stationary desktop computer. But what about those who are on the road, or those who use smartphones? What about the person who doesn’t own a desktop computer and only has a laptop,tablet, or smartphone?

We’re going to spend some time going over how mobile computing can be made just as safe and secure as the desktop environment.

There are challenges the mobile computing universe has that the desktop has never had to deal with, or dealt with very little. But these challenges are generally capable of being dealt with in some fashion. Some of the ways the mobile user can stay safe are identical to the desktop user. Many pieces of advice are the same. But with the challenges mobility presents, these same pieces of advice are that much more important with some unique ways of being addressed.

There are also ways of thinking and behaving on the part of the user that are different as well. This difference is largely due to the change in form factor and how that form factor interacts with the user and networks.

They say education is half the battle. So if you use a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, or know someone who does, the next number of articles will be for YOU! The trick will be not just to learn about these things, but to put them into practice. Are you along for the ride?

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