Maintenance and Safety Series Introduction

Digital life just isn’t what it used to be. Punch cards gave way to floppy disks which gave way to CD-ROM’s and USB sticks which are now fighting for life against network delivery of software and data. The floppy disk still has its uses,but is going the way of the LP(although I hear that’s making a come-back)

Computing has gone from being largely stand-alone, to being constantly connected to the outside world. Even if a person was never to open a browser window or email client EVER, their computer would still be talking to the Internet just to stay current.

In coming articles, we are going to cover a variety of topics ranging from basic PC maintenance to Internet safety. These topics have changed over the years as operating systems have matured and multiplied, as the world wide web has grown and as the Internet has become an integral part of not merely recreation, but of business and commerce as well. This series will focus primarily on the world of Windows-based PC’s and the challenges facing users of the Microsoft family of Operating Systems.

Safety begins at home! Or wherever your computer’s primary location happens to be. Each week we will cover a different aspect of managing your PC and staying safe online. These articles first appeared on the blog for, a company run by a fellow tech that I used to work with in years past. My articles showed up once or twice a month for the better part of  a year or more. Who knows, in the future, I may write for him again,we’ll see. In the meantime, I wish to share these tidbits with you.

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