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Songdove's Spiritual Warfare Training
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occult,cult,false religion,spiritual warfare,Christian,activist,action,christian activist,war training,training,warfare,spiritual war

Welcome to The SSWAT TEAM!

Songdove's Spiritual Warfare Training pulls together information and discussion aimed at assisting you in your walk as a Christian.

We're still here!

The SSWAT Team! has not disappeared, just gone inactive for awhile. You are welcome to stop in and participate in or add to discussions we have had over the past couple years. Compiled resources are still available for use by anyone who needs them.

Study on The Blood of Christ!!!

This study paused at week Seven looking at the Blood of Christ. Why do we say it carries so much power? What significance does it hold to the born-again Christian? This is a daily Monday-Friday study done in topic format over in our "Discussion on Weapons of our Warfare" forum, so everyone can take part. Come on in and find out why the Blood of Christ is so important. This study will resume when interest is expressed to continue.

Action Squad!!!

Israel, the Middle East in general, and areas of Asia are needing our attention!! Please head over to the action area on the side here and check the Issues forum. Some things there desperately need attention! We want to be a voice for what is Godly and right according to Scripture. If you want to be part of the Action Squad, please sign up, then pm either Napolde Amandil or Songdove for more information. It is important to be salt and light in our world now more than any other time in history. Come join the Action Squad!

Learn how to live a victorious Christian life! Become a member of the SSWAT Team!


The SSWAT Team!

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